The Bear

The Bear #294STRONG

A bear is a symbol of strength, family, vitality, courage, and health. He is thoughtful and independent but is strong willed in nature.

Daniel is a true representation of the Bear. He is not just a well-respected K-9 officer, he is THAT guy. The guy you can count on for anything. He is a leader, teacher, mentor, and true friend who will do anything for anybody. His ability to see the good in things and remain optimistic has always been inspiring, now, more than ever.

Daniel is a husband and father who is completely devoted to his family. His “all in” attitude is there no matter if he’s fixing cars with his son or hunting and fishing with his girls. He is just as comfortable training dogs and catching criminals as he is cooking dinner and braiding hair. His goal is always to make good memories for those around him.

This cancer diagnosis is devastating for all of us. We, as his family, friends, and co-workers need to rally around this man and fight like a Bear to beat it. We all know Daniel already is.


Amber Gumm


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